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Whether you’ve opted for a sea change, a tree change or something in between, moving house and discovering a new neighbourhood is an exhilarating time.

Make your packing and moving experience as smooth and seamless as possible. Here’s how you can hit the ground running as soon as you arrive in your new dwelling


This is a great opportunity to declutter and get rid of anything that is no longer serving you. Try decluttering by category, not by room. This means dealing with every single one of your books at once, for example, so they don’t creep from room to room, never getting tidied up.

Pack early

Once you’ve decluttered, start packing! Start early and follow the room-by-room method. Categorise and sort things into labelled boxes (we’ll give you some tips on how to box things up too), so they’re easy to identify, unpack and organise later.


  • Shop around for quotes from removalists and then arrange your move-out and move-in dates; don’t wait until the last minute – and make sure you check their COVID-19 policies!
  • Tackle one small area at a time so you feel less overwhelmed.
  • Pack a bag with all your essentials, so you have your practical, day-to-day items on hand. Don’t leave yourself scrambling for essentials when you are moving in.

Be strategic with your boxes

You’ll thank yourself at the other end if you resist the temptation to throw everything into a box higgledy-piggledy.


  • Labelling the boxes clearly on at least three sides – that way you’ll be able to read them no matter how they’re stacked.
  • Packing items you won’t need straight away first, so they’re at the bottom of your boxes.
  • Invest in bubble wrap! And pack fragile items in small boxes.
  • Think about the weight of items as you pack. Mix blankets with books – don’t leave yourself with a big heavy box.

Get to know your new neighbourhood

Don’t get caught out with a bad coffee! Research your new neighbourhood, find the best reviewed coffee shop and get excited about your new turf.

Start here:

  • If you can, visit and explore your new neighbourhood in person before you move in.
  • If you can’t, check it out via Google Maps or Street View.
  • Make a list of activities, restaurants and cafes you want to try. This type of bucket list will give you direction and purpose once you’re settled in.
  • Check online to see if there are any community Facebook groups to join, and if so, introduce yourself. Do this with your new neighbours as well.
  • Read the local news to get better acquainted with what’s going on in your new community.

We hope these tips help you have a quick and seamless move, so you can spend more time enjoying your new home!

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