What does Smartfinn Advisor do?

Our team of advisors aim to simplify the loan process for you and works towards finding the right loan for your circumstances.

1. Assess Your Financial Circumstances – Our advisors take time to meet and discuss your needs. Details of your financial circumstances and the documents provided by you will assist the advisor in understanding your financial position.

2. Identify a Suitable Loan – After meeting you to understand your objectives, your advisor will research lender products to find a suitable loan for you. They will then, discuss options and give loan comparisons to choose from so you are 100% comfortable with the final outcome.

3. Manage the Application Process​ – Once you are happy to proceed, your Smartfinn Advisor will move forward with you by assisting with the paper work, coordinating with the lender during the application process and finally the signing of contracts issued by the lender.

4. Monitor Settlement – Your advisor will monitor the loan application process to completion, guiding you at every step so there is minimal stress throughout process. They go further in coordinating with your solicitor and lender to ensure the settlement is conducted on time.

5. Ongoing Review – Smartfinn Advisors continue to care about you once the process is complete. Your advisor will be in touch on an annual basis to review the status of your loan and understand your changing financial needs to make sure your loan continues to be the right one for you.

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Why Smartfinn Advisors?

Quality service, extensive knowledge and ongoing learning is the foundation of outstanding financial advice. But, more importantly “if you’re happy, we’re happy.” Our Advisors have a diverse array of skills and experience. Our Advisors ensure ideas are shared to determine not only the right loans but also an effective way to implement them to achieve your financial goals. You can be confident that advice from a Smartfinn Advisor delivers a quality end result.

6 Reasons to give us a call


Access to Many

Our advisors are certified with many lenders. They do all the required research to identify lenders and products that are suitable solutions to your current situation and ensure there is minimal impact on your credit report.

Smart Mortgage

We thrive on working as a team to brainstorm challenging scenarios to generate positive outcomes for our clients. Our Advisors will list out the most recent promotional offers from various lenders as part of the selection criteria.

Regular Quality Checks

We check in with you after every transaction to make sure you’re totally satisfied with the quality of our service. On an annual basis, we will contact you to ensure that your loan continue to be suitable for your current circumstances.

Simplify the

Details of the paperwork and the process with lenders or the solicitors will be explained. You can rely on your advisor to manage the process from start to finish taking away any concerns and giving you time to focus on more important things.

Up to Date

Our advisors will keep you up to date with latest news from within finance industry so that you know exactly what is going on. They would be happy to hear from you and be updated with any changes to your situation.


Our in-house technical team makes sure they continue to research to identify the latest tools and technology for the industry. This keeps our advisor equipped to be competitive and ensure our clients gets ongoing quality service


Our Specialities


Services FAQ

Buying a home, or want to renovate? Looking to refinance or top up your loan for a new car new furniture or a cash-out, just ring us. Your Smartfinn Advisor will come to you to plan with you, advise and ultimately take charge of the complete process for you. Our advisors will discuss the interest rates, fees and take the time to educate you on the product benefits. Finally, we direct you to a suitable lender product based on your short and long-term plans.

The process for building your own home has a unique set of complexities such as progressive payments, identification of vendors for out-of-contract items and processing of progress payments. We work with you to reduce the difficulties associated with the process and make it as smooth as possible for you during a time which can be highly stressful. Your Smartfinn Advisor will handle many of the tasks so all you need to do is look forward to moving into your new home.

Investing in a property is becoming a preferred option for future retirement plans. There are smarter ways to handle the purchase of your next investment property through 100% loan structures, tax rebate structures to optimise rental income and much more. Not only that, the rental income of this purchase can contribute as additional income to prepare you for your next purchase. Our Advisors can work closely with you to manage and monitor your portfolio to deliver the best returns on your investments.

Australia’s small business community is huge. If you are embarking on starting a small business or are an existing business owner looking for other finance needs, then there’s an array of lenders who offer excellent solutions. We can organise additional funding to support a business start-up or the ongoing growth of your business. Let our Smartfinn Advisors handle this for you so you can just focus on your business, knowing you have the right loan solution.

Vehicle loans are a short-term finance option and the majority of our clients prefer this short-term option for purchase of their vehicle. We have relationships with speciality vehicle lenders within our portfolio who cater to differing customer requirements and provide a fast turnaround on approval as well as competitive monthly repayment amounts.

If you want a snapshot of the house price you are looking to buy o​ur property research tools will help. Our software reviews registered sales for last six months in the area you are looking to buy and considers other structural aspects of the property to derive an instant estimated property value. The report provides an indicative price to equip you to negotiate in your transaction.

Our Smartfinn Financial Advisors work as a collaborative team. We support one another in training, upskilling and brainstorming ideas to fulfil the delivery of client needs and objectives. If you would like to be part of this dynamic, innovative team we welcome your call to talk some more about the Smartfinn Advisor experience.