Kunal Kishore

Mortgage Broker

“I believe in building relationships on a foundation of trust and integrity.”

About Kunal

Having worked in many corporate offices for over 15 plus years, one gets moulded with key skills and discipline to be a professional and easy to connect individual.  Kunal, with all his experience over the years in various companies, has helped him to have a vast understanding and knowledge in many aspects that makes him an excellent individual and an advisor. His comprehensive education in the fields of finance and mortgage broking, coupled with his previous experience working in service industry, helps him to tailor his recommendations to your specific needs and makes working with him a pleasant, simple, and personalised experience.

Kunal had a dream of having his own business in finance, and due to his comfort with finance and other acquired skills, Kunal has ventured into Mortgage broking to help people with their home loan & investment property needs.

Identifying the most suitable loans can be a difficult task and unchartered area for some. With over 50 lenders and with more than 200 products, it is a complete maze where one gets lost. As Kunal works with you, he will provide you with a range of options and identify the most suitable loan that fits well with your current financial circumstances. Legally, it is his duty as a mortgage broker to act in the best interest of his clients and recommend lenders and products that would be suitable to his client’s circumstances.

Kunal’s strong passion for numbers and his experience in dealing with people, including customer service, team management, problem solving, situational analysis, and many others, makes his role as a Mortgage broker very enjoyable.

An intelligent, approachable, and friendly individual, Kunal’s positive attitude helps him to connect easily with clients. He will be by your side throughout the loan process to ensure you’re feeling comfortable, valued and informed throughout the loan process. On top of this, his customer service skills and business acumen backed by a love for numbers has been the strongest characteristic that is leveraged to help him identify the most suitable lenders and products for any circumstance.

For Kunal, it is an exciting experience to work with clients and help undo the intricacy of their financial circumstances, providing easy-to-understand alternatives. He can easily juggle the complexity of numbers and present them in a simplified form for the comfort of his clients.

Kunal’s knowledge and skill is backed by extensive academic knowledge, gained through industry qualifications such as Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking, Bachelor’s in Commerce, Diploma in Management and many more. His qualifications, backed with his knowledge and experience, assures that his recommendations are reliable and well-informed.

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