Vibha Bajaj

Mortgage Broker

“I believe in values such as integrity, honesty, respect, trust-building, and commitment to others, as they strengthen one's sense of purpose, uncover opportunities, and shape an individual to be experienced and helpful to others.”

About Vibha

With over seven years of experience as an Accountant, Loan Writer and as a Credit Analyst, Vibha is the right person to go to for your overall financial needs. Her previous experiences have equipped her with required instincts to identify opportunity to advice on her client’s overall financial standing. Vibha skilfully combines her wealth of knowledge to offer clients exceptional service with right financial interpretations and remains dedicated to ensuring a delightful home buying experience for each client.

Navigating the complex landscape of numerous lenders and many types of mortgage products can be quite overwhelming. However, Vibha takes up the task to carefully research through over 50 lenders and evaluating more than 200 different loan products to pinpoint the most fitting options for you. She places a strong emphasis on client education, ensuring that you are well-informed about the available loan products and keeps you informed at every stage of the process, creating a seamless and comfortable experience for all involved.

As your mortgage broker, it’s her duty to act in your best interest and recommend lenders and products that are most suitable for your financial circumstances.

Her ability to establish quick connections with any new contacts puts her clients at ease and her attention to details sets her apart in her role as a mortgage broker. She’s dedicated to ensuring your needs are met and takes a personal interest in your financial well-being. Working with Vibha goes beyond having the support of a highly informed expert; it means teaming up with someone who holds a heartfelt concern for your financial welfare and long-term prospects. You have reliable resource who would walk with you throughout your journey of home buying and settling in. Her academic qualifications, encompassing a Diploma in Finance & Mortgage Brokering, Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking, Bachelors in Accounting and pursuing Chartered Accountancy, provides you with the assurance that her guidance is rooted in her extensive knowledge and proficiency in the industry. This makes her an outstanding choice as your mortgage broker.

During her leisure moments, Vibha enjoys being with her family and friends. She finds great delight in embarking on culinary adventures, travelling, frequently exploring new cafes and restaurants. She loves reading motivational books, listens to motivational videos & podcasts, a passion that adds further richness to her life.

In short, Vibha’s wealth of experience, depth of knowledge, and unwavering commitment render her an outstanding mortgage broker. You can rely on her to deliver a seamless and customized personal experience to address your specific home or investment property loan requirements.

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